This is a short course on safety for electrical medical devices. The goal is for you to get an understanding of what basic safety for medical devices is and why you should care about it and improve your chances of not ending up in projects that are behind schedule and over budget.

The short course is also a preview of the full online course "Introduction to Safety for Electrical Medical Devices and IEC 60601" which is available at:

00:00 Introduction
00:36 About the instructor
01:29 Learning goals of the short course
02:20 Introduction to safety for electrical medical devices
03:16 The general standard IEC 60601-1
03:38 The IEC 60601 collateral standards
04:08 Particular standards apply to specific medical devices
04:38 Detailed requirements
06:55 The ISO 14971 definition of safety
07:12 The definition of basic safety
07:32 The definition of essential performance
08:27 Start safety-related activities early to avoid delays and extra costs
09:39 Identify critical product features
11:51 Additional help and resources
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